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Hawaiian Airlines drone policy

Can you take a drone on a Hawaiian Airlines flight? We dig deep to understand the Hawaiian Airlines Drone Policy so you can be more prepared for your next trip!

Can you take a drone on a Hawaiian Airlines flight? We dig deep to understand the Hawaiian Airlines Drone Policy so you can be more prepared for your next trip!

We answer several key questions readers might have about traveling with a drone on Hawaiian Airlines including:

  • Can I bring a drone on Hawaiian Airlines?
  • What is the Hawaii Airlines Drone Policy?
  • Can I check a drone on Hawaiian Airlines?
  • Can I carry a drone on board Hawaiian?
  • What are the drone battery restrictions on Hawaiian?

Let’s dig in.

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Hawaiian Airlines Drone Policy

Unlike many airlines, Hawaiian actually talks a bit about drones in their travel policies section. Specifically, it addresses them in a few areas, the most prominent being their restricted items section.

hawaiian airlines drone policy - what you need to know

Hawaiian acknowledges that because drones use Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries that there is some fire risk when transporting them in an airplane. This is a well known thing for LiPo batteries (which include most laptop batteries, by the way).

They note:

Lithium Drones are permitted if all power sources are removed and packed as stated in g (i), g (ii), and g (iii) below and do not exceed regulatory limits.

Furthermore, they note in a general comment about LiPo batteries:

  • “Spare lithium and lithium-ion batteries must be transported in carry-on baggage only and must be packed as follows:
    • Each passenger is permitted to carry-on two (2) spare batteries, not to exceed regulatory limits.
    • Spare batteries must be kept away from metal objects, such as coins, keys, jewelry.
    • Spare batteries should be kept in original retail packaging. If original packaging is not available, tape should be placed across battery terminals or each battery should be placed in its own individual plastic bag or protective pouch”

So, in other words:

  • You CAN bring a drone on Hawaiian Airlines
  • You CAN bring spare batteries, but they must be carried on and packed using the above guidance

Ok, let’s dig into this a bit more by looking at carrying a drone onto a Hawaiian Airlines flight versus checking it.

Carrying a drone onto a Hawaiian Airlines Flight

Hawaiian Airlines allows drones to be carried onto their flights. However, travelers must remove LiPo batteries from them while doing so. They must also adhere to Hawaiian’s carry on policies regarding size and weight.

Hawaiian’s carry on requirements are:

  • limited to 45 linear inches (114 cm) (L + W + H)
  • limited to 25 pounds (11 kg).

When carrying a drone on a plane you really ought to carry it in a purpose-built drone backpack. Travelers can easily find a drone backpack that will fit your specific drone gear. Carrying your drone on you will give you some peace of mind as it sits safely above you in the overhead bin or beneath the seat back in front of you.

Example Drone Backpack on Amazon

If for some reason you decide to check your drone be sure to get a hard case for your drone and a TSA approved lock. And maybe some drone insurance.

Checking your Drone on Hawaiian Airlines

Travelers can also check their drone on Hawaiian Airlines if they want although we strongly discourage travelers from doing so on any flight. Always carry it on. Why risk it getting damaged or stolen!? Nevermind that you might have to pay a checked bag fee which could range from $25.00 to $100.00. Ouch.

If you do feel the need to check your drone on a Hawaiian flight it is pretty easy. Your checked bag must simply adhere to the size and weight restrictions for all checked bags.

This likely won’t be a problem for your drone which is most likely well below the weight restrictions. When checking your drone be sure to use a hard case for your drone (like pictured below) to help minimize the chance of it getting damaged in transit.

DJI Hard Case (check price)

How many drone batteries does Hawaiian allow?

Hawaiian Airlines allows passengers to travel with two spare LiPo batteries. And of course, they must meet all applicable regulations which will almost certainly be the case for your drone batteries.

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