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HUL Premium Aluminium Drone Carrying Case for Travel – perfect gift for the drone enthusiast

For the drone enthusiasts who travel the HUL Premium Aluminium Drone Carrying Case could make the perfect gift. We highlight what this drone carrying case could do for you and why you might want to consider gifting it to the special drone lover in your life this Christmas.

HUL Premium Aluminium Drone Carrying Case

The HUL Premium Aluminium Drone Carrying Case allows travelers to more easily bring their drone with them on the road. Maybe its just storage in the back of your truck as you drive out to that scenic field or maybe you want to check the case on your next trip overseas. Either way, this affordable carrying case for your drone can make your next adventure more accessible while keeping your mind at ease with a safe drone.

Check Price of HUL Premium Aluminium Carrying Case

Key Specs:

  • Drones designed for: DJI Phantom 4 and Phantom 4 Pro (also fits Phantom 3 SE, Standard, Professional and Advanced drones)
  • Features aluminium frame construction with ABS plastic panels
  • Allows propellers to stay on when storing the drone in the case (note: prop-guards must be removed before storing the drone)
  • Also features pre-cut compartments for transmitter, charger, FPV monitor and so on
  • Dimensions: Approx 22x14x10 in (54x35x25 cm)
  • Weight: Approx 8lb

Some other carry case options for the drone enthusiasts who love to travel

Travelers can likely find a drone backpack that will fit your specific drone gear allowing you to easily carry your drone on to the plane. Carrying your drone on you will give you some peace of mind as it sits safely above you in the overhead bin or beneath the seat back in front of you. Here is one such example:

Example Drone Backpack on Amazon

If for some reason you decide to check your drone be sure to get a hard case for your drone and a TSA approved lock. And maybe some drone insurance. Here is an example of a DJI hard case:

DJI Hard Case (check price)


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