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Lufthansa Drone Policy – sorry, there isn’t one!

What is the Lufthansa Drone Policy? Can I bring a drone on Lufthansa? All great questions. We answer this and more in our detailed look at the Lufthansa Drone Policy.

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Lufthansa Drone Policy

For a company that has an entire division of the company (SafeDrone) focused on drone related services you’d think the their drone policy would be clear. But…it’s not. In fact, it’s impossible to find anything at all on Lufthansa’s policies about drone.

Lufthansa drone policy - image of logo

Thus, like we saw with Delta we are forced to cobble together some independent information about baggage or batteries in general to come up with the effective Lufthansa Drone Policy.

In this article we dig into the following questions:

  • Are drones prohibited on a Lufthansa Flight?
  • Are drones allowed on a Lufthansa Flight?
  • Carrying a drone onto a Lufthansa Flight
  • Checking your drone on a Lufthansa Flight
  • Clarity on the Lufthansa Battery Policy

I asked Lufthansa what their drone policy was!

Since I couldn’t find anything on their website that gave any sort of indication whether I could actually bring my drone with me on a Lufthansa flight I reached out via their website to them.

And…crickets. No answer.

So, we were forced to cobble together a Lufthansa drone policy based on general knowledge and other Lufthansa policies.

What do we know?

We know that drones are not explicitly prohibited by Lufthansa.

We know that they have Lithium battery policy (batteries that are also common in drones) and that they allow various types of other electronic gear to be brought on the plane.

Our conclusion? They are allowed. 

Carrying a drone onto a Lufthansa Flight

When carrying a drone on a plane you really ought to carry it in a purpose-built drone backpack. Travelers can easily find a drone backpack that will fit your specific drone gear. Carrying your drone on you will give you some peace of mind as it sits safely above you in the overhead bin or beneath the seat back in front of you.

Example Drone Backpack on Amazon

If for some reason you decide to check your drone be sure to get a hard case for your drone and a TSA approved lock. And maybe some drone insurance.

Checking your Drone on Lufthansa

When checking your drone be sure to use a hard case for your drone (like pictured below) to help minimize the chance of it getting damaged in transit.

DJI Hard Case (check price)

How many drone batteries does Lufthansa allow?

Lufthansa, like most airlines, allows Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries on their planes under certain conditions:

  • General Rules:
    • Batteries must meet the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria’, Part III, Section 38.3 (almost all commercially available drone batteries do)
  • Checked
    • Allowed
    • Must be switched off
    • Do not have to be removed from the device (although it’s advisable)
    • Up to 100 Watt Hours battery size can be checked (if higher they must be carried on)
  • Carried On
    • Allowed
    • Up to 160Wh size batteries can be carried on
    • But only two spares

See the full Lufthansa Battery policy here.


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